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Digital Grahak partnered with a transport and logistics company. We helped them build an app and took care of their needs and then converted it into a reality, virtually. Our client is a crane rental company in India. They provide high class cranes on rental basis domestically as well as internationally. All cranes available with them are great in condition and capacity, thus featuring them to stand unique in their investment and standards towards safety.

They used to do their business activities utilizing obsolete frameworks like excel sheets and administrative work. The company came to Digital Grahak with a reasonable thought to digitize their business operations as well as communications. They needed a solution that could supplant their old frameworks and make the activities smoother.

We created a cloud-based enterprise fleet management software developed by our Android and Web developers for them. This helped them to meet delivery/transport requests, get optimized routes, and track drivers in real-time using the web solution. The personalised Android app was for their internal team and all the drivers who can inform them about the pickup, drop off, and route details.

Our aim was to develop fleet management or vehicle tracking solution with inbuilt GPS technology


-Aditi Goel, CMO – Digital Grahak.

Our goal was to make a unified digital presence that highlighted the client’s individual elements in a poised way. This involved coordination and open communication of ideas. We chose to embrace a simple approach to solve a complex problem. Rather than utilizing complicated navigation systems, we chose to keep a fundamental, clean, and organized user flow, zeroing in on just the main information. An enormous organization has a ton to communicate and it’s up to the marketing and website development groups to channel through the commotion and maintain the emphasis on the substance. That is actually how we figured out how to manage this task. 

  • Driver’s app: We fostered an Android app for the drivers. This app sends new trip requests alongside every one of the details to the drivers. The drivers have the option to accept and dismiss them based on their availability. Also, machines and cranes could be tracked easily through their GPS locator. 
  • Domain Specific Admin: This segment is for employees and heads of a particular department. In this view, the operations department could make shipping requests by adding pickup-drop off, course, and goods details whereas the finance department could generate bills and salary slips.
  • Super Admin: This part is for the senior management. using the super admin, you can oversee registered companies, drivers, shipments, and shipping trips.

We fostered a complete solution that automated our client’s business activities from shipping to warehouse management. We basically shifted their business to a computerized stage. This armada management solution has 3 components: Driver’s App, Domain Specific Admin, and Super Admin.

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