Social Media Done Literally Organically For An Organic Brand

We at Digital Grahak partnered with an organic tea company whose idea is to get the best product delivered to the consumers which is not only organic but also responsibly prepared. They curate the finest Indian tea leaves and crafts them into unique blends, using all natural ingredients.

Organic social media is any social media activity without a paid promotion. It is to build and engage with online following. It gives you an opportunity to listen to your consumers directly and provides a scope of improvement. You can engage with your followers like never before by using user-generated content inviting them to participate actively. We did organic social media for our client and helped to brand themselves as an organic premium tea brand targeting the young population. The process initiated by understanding the brief provided by the client. All their points were taken into consideration.

This was followed by a secondary research whereby we conducted competitor analysis. An in-depth research was done of all the competitor’s brands on social media across all platforms. We analysed their strategy and constructed a plan for a clear direction to go ahead with. We also conducted empathy analysis by understanding why tea is still relevant among youth in India as the brand wanted an emotional appeal to it. In the end, we feel it is very important for brands to humanise themselves and not just merely sell their products. It helps consumers to build a connection with the brand and thus, establish a long lasting relationship.

To make the feed structured, we formed various content buckets under which the content on social media will fall. The content buckets that Digital Grahak created for them included introductory posts, tea stories, quirky posts along with usage of relevant hashtags (#bff: brew friends forever). It helped us to formulate content in a strategic manner. Once the content buckets were approved by the client, we started formulating content and made a detailed calendar for scheduling posts and giving a sense of visual aesthetics of the feed.

We were quick enough to pick up ongoing trends to make the brand quirky and relevant. We came up with the concept of “Tea-licious” wanting the customers to say this word when they experience the brand’s tea. Also, the regular benefits of various teas were presented in a catchy way to hook the young audience to the page. For example, 

“Say No To Insomnia as Lemon Green Tea helps to sleep faster.” 


“What was that thing? Umm, you’ll never have this moment again as Spearmint Green Tea sharpens memory.”

Since the client’s objective was to portray themselves as a fun and vibrant organic premium brand catering to youth, all communication strategies were made in sync with it. Right from the visual language of the posts to the accompanying captions, brand identity was kept in mind. 

This resulted in giving a brand a new makeover on various social platforms as a young brand. In this digital active world, it becomes very important to have a strong presence on various social media platforms to engage with your customers and capture potential ones.

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