Increased Sales Performance Through Website : 42%

A revolutionizing India’s leading brand name in sauces, dressings and dips required a website and online presence to coordinate with its new actual appearance. The brand is committed to produce best food products by procuring good quality fruits, vegetables, food ingredients and processing them to consistently produce high quality products, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our client wanted to convey their message straightforwardly to their targeted audience through the website, and Digital Grahak worked for them in achieving this. The brand’s unwavering customers needed to know everything that they offer when making these purchases.
We joined forces with them to make an appealing website to mirror the glory of our client and make it simpler for customers to use and search for everything they offer. After the discovery stage, we built up a content methodology focusing on designing and developing the new website.

Increased Sales Performance Through Website: 42%


Our main objective was to create a user friendly website which provides for an efficient experience, yet enjoyable!
-Parth Arora, CMO – Digital Grahak

How did we do it?

With a robust and powerful website solution as a primary concern, we made client venture maps that were drawn in, while eventually driving conversion and purchase. Refinement of categories and product type was something we gave extraordinary consideration to. Large and striking choices for refinement were put at the highest point of the page with the goal that customers could quickly engage and discover products easily. We created two mascots for our client and the whole website was structured in a story format. The major two product pages are by the name of the mascots as well to make it more relatable to their consumers. We presented their products in a much-refined way in terms of their taste, size and price as well. A non-conventional design was utilized for the product display page in blend with huge, fresh product photography to feature quality and allure customers. Product pages just showed the pertinent data and product angles to consider a moderate design aesthetic.

Our goal for designing their website was to recount the brand’s story in a manner that communicates, instills trust, and increases product understanding. We upgraded the overall shopping experience to be super easy and pleasant. A non-traditional format was intended to unmistakably exhibit their products with a feeling of belongingness with the help of the story and its relatable characters.

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