In One Month Sales Increased By 63.25%

A well established organic products brand came to Digital Grahak with the motive to increase sales. Our client’s commitment is to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness in action and work with thousands of small family farmers in India to cultivate tens of thousands of acres of sustainable organic farmland. They had been running their own campaign in Google Ads. The ads had previously been running by themselves but were turning out to be unprofitable for them with a bad ROI.

Our aim was to increase the quantity of sales and bring down the average CPA on the PPC campaigns. The Google Ads campaign had recently been set up to target heaps of different products, which had all the earmarks of costing the business a great deal of cash for almost no return. We decided it would be more compelling to limit this down to the top level keywords and spot light on the more extensive standing that the advertisement campaign may not get on. We re-composed the ads for the Adwords campaign in the new broadened design and ensured that the ads had all pertinent advertisement extensions implemented. 

The Google advertisement campaign was recently set up to advance all products on the site. In any case, the campaign budget was genuinely restricted and when running a campaign on a restricted budget, running google ads for an enormous number of products is anything but a prudent procedure. We therefore decided to strip out the products into different item bunches zeroing in on the bestseller — or products with a high ROI. We changed the offers to guarantee that the smash hit item bunch ads would be more visible in the SERP space.

From the data in the old campaigns, we had the option to set up an ad schedule to guarantee that the campaigns were more noticeable during the best sale times during the day and furthermore so we could save the every day budget however much as could be expected during the lower converting hours. 

In month one, we increased the quantity of sales by 63.25% and lowered the average cost per conversion by 54.10%.

This was the most elevated level of persistent sales the organization had seen from the paid inquiry campaigns and it likewise implied that they accomplished a positive ROI after only one month of our services. We improved our strategy and launched further campaigns which included remarketing, display ads and shopping ads once a higher budget was approved. After two months our CPA was down by 67.19% and conversions were up by 119.24% with increased budget (40%).

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