Got 5000+ targeted new users in a span of 6 months

A 30-year-old enterprise with one of the most perfect CO2 solutions wanted Digital Grahak to help them get more organic visitors on their website. The challenge was to promote rishi carbonics CO2 solutions to the Indian audience and create a robust online presence. Digital Grahak began working on promoting their website organically and tried to improve their website’s SEO ranking.

Our SEO experts designed an action plan for SEO to increase visibility among the target audience. Then, we put all the pieces together and designed a 360° SEO strategy to build a robust digital presence on the web and generate quality leads from various inbound and outbound marketing activities.

1. Revamped the old website and suggested changes to our client

One of the biggest challenges in SEO is less accessibility to experiment with the landing pages or necessary changes on the website. Digital Grahak’s SEO experts understand this very well. Digital Grahak implemented an end-to-end improvement strategy for the client’s website and suggested a list of changes.

2. Optimized the website for SEO

We had the content and the microsite ready. The next step was to make sure that the target audience views it. That is why we carried out best practices of SEO that would let us position ourselves in critical searches. We removed errors and reduced image sizes, increased the website speed on both desktop as well as mobile as well as included alt tags, meta tags, relevant descriptions, sitemap and other important aspects to make the website easily traceable for Google crawlers.

3.Website linking with and increasing Domain Authority (DA)

Our team made sure that the SEO strategy should be made within the guidelines of google crawler. We took the help of broken links, guest blogging from the niche website. The major role we did was site audit. We optimized the website with all the suggestions provided by the tools and did the keyword research for the company. The smart hack for this company was the guest blogging and linking the website from the good traffic websites. In less than 5 months, we improved the Domain Authority (DA) from 1 to 20, Domain Rating (DR) from 0 to 15, and got 43 goal leads.

The Conclusion:

  • Significant growth in terms of organic leads and traffic
  • Overall new users 5000+

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