Social Media Fan Base With A Reach Of More Than 2,50,000 People

Digital grahak partnered with a company that incorporated a vision to revolutionize the picture of Indian Agriculture. They provide a virtual marketplace to the farmers for trading their agricultural produce as well as retailers and customers who need fresh produce with an aim to bring the farmers and retailers on a single platform.

Our client’s business has razor-thin profit margins, and they needed a strong online presence. They drew in with Digital Grahak to support its visibility in online media. We performed rigorous testing within Facebook of various advertisement creatives, focusing on sections, and situations. This permitted us to distinguish a couple of combinations that conveyed the most visibility for their customers. 

Once we had built up the social-media fan base with a reach of more than 2,50,000 people in a small city, we zeroed in on developing the engagement rate of posts. We utilized various targeting mechanisms to get better results for our client. This included geographic targeting of ads, extensive utilization of Lookalike Audiences, and interest based audience offering to extend clients advertisement rupees the farthest.

Our client wanted a good social media presence and wanted to increase their engagement, therefore we made an engagement strategy where we included videos, reels, carousel posts, images and videos. All of them together with the inorganic campaigns gave our client’s business an exponential increase in their engagement and reach amongst their targeted audience. Following are the highlights of our success story:

  • Digital Grahak drove 90,000 individuals into the client’s business across facebook and instagram during its campaign to increase visibility and online presence. 
  • We multiplied our customer’s Facebook reach in less than 6 months, and adapted those new fans. 
  • One coupon crusade drove in excess of 25,000 conversions during the Christmas season. 
  • We expanded the post engagement rate by 400%.

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