Building Brands From Scratch!

Every company on this planet needs brand identity. We come across ‘n’ number of logos in a day and thus, it becomes very important to establish your brand among the rest already existing. From the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep, they are an ever present part of our lives. Brand identity refers to the visual elements of a brand like logo, colour design, typography, illustration, etc that helps in creating a distinctive identity. 

Now, you’ll think why branding is important? Because consumers often buy products based on the perceived value rather than actual value. This has led to creation of powerful brands in the world. We did branding of a startup catering to the needs of hostel students. They wanted to establish themselves as a one stop destination for all the essential products a student might need to set up their hostel rooms. 

The branding process started with detailed discussion with the client, understanding what their brand means to them and how they want to present it to the world. After gathering all the preliminary information, we did competitor analysis and studied the trends in the market. After doing the research, we started with creating a moodboard for the brand thinking of it as a human and assigned adjectives to it. This helps to build brand image and personality. After a back and forth discussion with the client, we started sketching logos. We explored all the possibilities and came up with a large number of options. After various iteration processes, the logo design was finalised. After that, color palette, imagery to be used and the overall visual language for the brand was established. We used shades of blue, orange and white as we wanted to depict a mix of serenity and enthusiasm. We kept on going back to our drawing board to cross check everything as it helps us to be on the right track.

This whole extensive process resulted in the creation of a strong brand image for our client in the minds of the students. They started differentiating the brand from its competitors and started associating themselves with it. The sales started increasing as the students could relate themselves to the brand more than any other brand existing in the market.

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