Build Lifetime Bonds With Your Customers And Stakeholders

We worked with a client who manufactures makeup products. The client approached us with a limited budget and a desire to begin experimenting with some digital marketing tactics to catch a bigger portion of the Indian demographic. The primary objective of the partnership was to maximize connection with the customers and important stakeholders over various messenger servicing platforms.

Our client approached Digital Grahak as they wanted to make strong relations with their stakeholders. They were not able to market their products across their targeted audience, and there was a huge decline in their sales due to the intense competition.. Hence we used the whatsapp as a marketing medium, and developed content which was specific to their company. We helped them to strengthen relations with their suppliers, stakeholders and clients, and therefore get a broader reach.

Step 1: Industry Specific Research

We did a formal research on Linkedin of various cosmetic manufacturers from all over the world. We used keywords to locate some other potential cosmetic manufacturers. With this we were able to discover key insights, trends, and research on the marketing landscape. We identified the brand colors and the basic structure of the posts and captions.

Step 2: The creatives

As our client had a relatively small following on social media, we decided to run creatives for them so as to attract the targeted audience. We created a creative amongst the people and it states our client would take a webinar with the motive of demonstrations, product benefits and visual sampling of makeup products produced by them which included foundation, eye liner, lipstick etc. This in turn generated a lot of curiosity and interest among the audience. Considering the fact that makeup products are exquisite, it created a fascination amongst the people, which in turn attracted a lot of participants for this webinar. We created personalized GIFs and videos according to our client’s specific needs. We did this 4 times per month. In order to increase the interaction with the stakeholders we followed the current trends and made posts accordingly.

Step 3: The captions

We wrote personalized captions for our clients according to their specific needs. We wrote in a formal language and included the CTA in every caption. This was a way to interact with our client’s stakeholders. 


We were able to achieve tons of leads for our client’s sales team! Our Messenger campaign was successful in creating a formal brand image for our client among the stakeholders. Our client is still working with us and we have been helping them for the past 12 months. Later on, we also send their clients, stakeholders messages on various festivals.

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